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Anonymous said: What has been your experience with gendered criticism as it comes to being a woman "in sports"? Do you get creeps on twitter, and what do you think is the proper response to them? I sometimes see women sports writers I greatly admire call it out when it seems to me rewarding them by paying the slightest attention to it. (Then I feel like a bad feminist). I wonder if you have any opinion on the whole "retweet the haters to shame them" thing. (I admit that I wish that whole trend would go away).

To be honest, I don’t get it that often, or at least, not in the amount I see people RT haters or people being jerks to them. Not in comments and not on Twitter.

It helps that for years I was at women-centric sites, my own personal site, and yes, Kissing Suzy Kolber. (The one time someone ever tried to start something there, the person in question unfortunately thought Tunison had written the post and they were resoundingly punished by the KSK Kommeriat for what they perceived as misogyny towards me. The readers over there have been great and very welcoming this season, more than I could have ever hoped for.) If I wrote more for sites like SBN, Yahoo(!), SI, NBC where it’s less of a little clubhouse and more of the ALL CAPS COMMENTERZ, I am sure I would see more of it. 

I don’t like when anyone regardless of gender or orientation RTs their haters. It’s noise that brings you down if you allow it and shouting at them how they are wrong doesn’t do anything positive, it just creates an internet lynch mob. When I do get sexist comments, I tend to ignore it. (It helps that I’m old and have been through this in many fields over the years. You get older and are able to sort through what is worth responding to and what is a waste of your time, but again, that’s true of haterade of any flavor regardless of gender.) 

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