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Traditions and Superstitions, Super Bowl and the Fans

Superstitions and traditions in the realm of sports fascinate me, so I thought I’d ask a few Patriot and Giants fans about how they were feeling heading into Super Bowl weekend and if they had special items or snacks they needed to have for the game.

But first, time for a confession. Steelers-Broncos game? It was terrible week. Bry was out of town on business, I was working like crazy, keeping strange hours and in my mind, I thought I still had one lucky IC Light left to get me through the game. So sure was I that the remaining beer was in the fridge, I didn’t even bother to check even though a small part of my brain kept saying. “Look. Go look and be certain.”

Game time. I go to the refrigerator. It’s not there. A dozen different craft beers, but not a single lucky IC Light to be found. My friend Jeremy asked if I should run to one of the two stores in LA that carry Iron City, knowing one of them wasn’t too far away. Ten minutes until kickoff. There is no time. A pit formed in my stomach.

The first half of the Steelers-Broncos game was awful. Bry was stuck in product launch meetings in furiously texting for updates. I didn’t want to face the second half. I decided to drink one of the Yuenglings I had brought back from my last trip back to Pittsburgh. The Steelers picked up their game and nearly came back for the win, but it was not to be.

This is why I find superstitions interesting. Of course my beer (probably) didn’t have any effect on the result of the game, but it’s just a small way to feel just a little more apart of it.

Today’s panelists are a virtual murders’ row of hard core sports fans and writers. For the Patriots, we have Professor Jon, Ryan Hudson of SBNation, Bryan Joiner (his new sports gig to be announced soon), and ‘Fesser, the host behind The Gurgling Cod. For the Giants, we have Ms. Becky who gave us a great guacamole recipe and Sarah Schorno Kogod of NBC’s Capital Games.

All of the answers are great. Be sure to check out The Gurgling Cod’s wonderful Super Bowl memories timeline at the end of the piece.

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